Greed / REsolve


Greed/REsolve Official Trailer by Damien EagleBear from Olivia C. Davies on Vimeo.


Paula Citron, Globe & Mail

Greed examines our exploitative stock market system and the crippling effects of corporate and personal greed, results of the false ego. This work juxtaposes traditional Indigenous harmony with the natural environment while consequences of greed, cause personal and biospheric destruction. Affecting the living balance of our self, community and planet.

REsolve embodies taking control of one’s own destiny by challenging our present economic slavery and physiological bondage and poisoning. There are transcendent moments of realization and awakening where one must stand up for freedom, act to embody one’s true identity and path.

greed_circadia-indigena_byron-chief-moon_bbThese companion works primarily consider First Nations world views, however we are all affected by these challenges. The resulting tensions from this juxtaposition of radically opposed world views is inscribed on the individual and the collective, to challenge themselves in presenting a stand, a point of view, a voice as one journey’s through the commodity exploitation of the individual from birth to death. A roller coaster of ideas, emotions and images for the audience.

Choreography/Concept: Byron Chief Moon, Luglio Romero, and JP Longboat

Performers: Olivia C. Davies, Damien Eagle Bear, Luis G Canton, Byron Chief Moon, JP Longboat, and Tia Taurere-Clearsky.

Music compilation: Jeffery Ryan – Triple Witching, Max Ulis – Rule of 8’s, and DJ Shadow Walker.

Greed / REslove are projects of Circadia Indigena ~ Indigenous Arts Collective, based in Ottawa, Ontario. Circadia Indigena is made up of professional and community artists from a variety of First Nations who bring their artistic experience, expertise and knowledge to projects of a cultural, collaborative, and highly creative nature. This arts circle is a diverse and flexible group of Indigenous artists dedicated to developing, presenting, producing, animating and disseminating outstanding visual and performance art rooted in Indigenous culture, languages, and relation to the land. Circadia Indigena was created to bring in to being gathering places where Indigenous artists can remember and create new images that restore oral traditions (language), performance aesthetics, music/song, and the visual arts. The collective supports Indigenous artists to tell their stories through: theatre, dance, storytelling, film, music, electronic media, performance, and cultural presentations. Creating and restoring stories that merge cultural legacies with our contemporary voices, presenting dreams and images for now and future generations


Audience: Age 12 to Adult

Venue: Medium to Large Theatres

Cast: 4-7 performers

Crew: 1 Production/Stage/Tour  Manager and 1 Lighting Designer

Running Length: 58 minutes

Audio Video: Mac Laptop, 2 Video Projectors,  2 Video Cameras.

Technical Rider: Available on Request.

Booking Information: 613-878-0119


Greed was initially created for the 10x10x10 Dance and Music event held at the Scotia Bank Dance Centre in Vancouver, October 2011. Originally an artistic “blind date”, the partnership between choreographer Byron Chief-Moon and composer Jeffrey Ryan focused its inspirations on Ryan’s work Triple Witching, whose title refers to events in the Stock Market when millions are won or lost.

The original 10 minute duet served as a starting point and creative platform for these artistic collaborations and the creation of these two performance works. The new performance format for four dancers, projected imagery and live video, represented the next phase of creative development and aspired to expand the choreographic language; interweave First Nation’s concepts of “greed”, imbalance and discord; and highlight Canada’s systematic disenfranchisement of First Nations Peoples from our homelands, territories and our wealth of natural resources.


Photography: Nadya Kwandibens, Red Works Photography