June 2016
Circadia Indigena’s Artistic Director Jerry Longboat in collaboration with Bryon Chief-Moon and Nyla Carpentier had the World Premier of Greed and REsolve as part of Canada Dance Festival at Ottawa’s National Arts Centre.

April / May / June 2014
In April/May/June of 2014 we worked alongside Aboriginal Experiences Arts and Culture to organize and manage the three day Summer Festival 2014, attended by over 60,000 visitors.

February 2014
In February 2014 we delivered The Winter Village Aboriginal Storytelling Forum in partnership with the City of Ottawa. This gathering offered exceptional storytelling, orator, and cultural programming, and was a platform for celebrating Aboriginal winter culture by highlighting the storytelling traditions of First Nations’, Inuit, and Métis Peoples.

July August 2013
In July and August 2013 we designed and delivering 8 weeks of community Artistic and cultural Programming in conjunction with Sakahan Indigenous Arts Exhibition at the National Gallery of Canada. This Aboriginal Youth and Family arts programming was done in partnership with both the National Gallery of Canada and the Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition, and provided increased access to the Sakahan Indigenous Arts Exhibition and experiential learning opportunities with the professional indigenous artist of the exhibition;

May 2013
In May of 2013 we participated in a collaborative dance/theatre performance creation lead by Maori artists from New Zealand and Sami artists from Greenland. This took place though a partnership with Indigenous Performance Initiatives.

March / April 2013
In March and April of 2013 we worked alongside Red Diva Projects and playwright Marie Humber Clements to fostering broader access for the local Aboriginal community to the production of the Edward Curtis Project at the Great Canadian Theatre Company. We outreached and fostered Community Development initiatives through a special talk back session with the actors and technical crew of the production.

February 2013
In February 2013 we delivered Tanakiwin – Aboriginal Artists Forum as one of our most immediate priorities was to gather together the local community of Aboriginal artists to forum and discuss ways forward that would expand artistic and cultural presence in the region. This well received initiative allowed us to meet and share with Aboriginal artists living in the region.

This forum assisted us in identifying some of current needs of the artistic community, and ideas for ways to increase presentation and spark economic growth and opportunity for artists in the NCR. The gathering offered a platform for First Nations, Inuit and Métis artists to dialogue, share information, and generate ideas to effect action and development for the Aboriginal artists community in the NCR. It was a facilitated gathering that made use of a dynamic dialogue process. The gathering also offered the opportunity to maximize networking development by building a contact list of artists, arts organizations, and key public and private sector partners.

February 2013
In February 2013 we delivered A Winter Village ~ Indigenous Arts Gathering. This gathering offered exceptional multi-disciplinary arts and cultural programming, and was a platform for celebrating Indigenous Winter culture by highlighting the storytelling traditions of First Nations’, Inuit, and Métis Peoples.

October 2012
In October 2012 we received your initial Capacity Building Annual Project Grant from the Canada Council and went to work bringing our Advisory Committee together to discuss how best to begin activity within the local community and lay the broader groundwork for moving Circadia Indigena towards Not for Profit Incorporation.

September 2012
In September of 2012 the Director of Circadia Indigena was one of three presenters at a Town Hall on Cultural Pluralism organized and facilitated by Cultural Pluralism in Performing Arts Movement Ontario. More than 40 local arts organizations attended the day long gathering.

May 2012
In May 2012 we received a Flying Eagle Grant to create an Organizational Plan for Circadia Indigena which was completed by the end of August 2012.