The Canoe Stories Festival and the Return of the Canoes Opening Event are activities and events highlighting expressions of culture and relationships to the Lands and Waters through the Indigenous art, architecture, and engineering of the vessels that move, carry, and connected us through our landscapes, earthly and spiritual. This festival highlights the telling of our stories, teachings and sharing the knowledge that comes though our First Nations ways and legacy within the diversity of our homelands and upon the waterways. The festival will gather and present the expression of these narratives by integrating the telling of the stories within and alongside traditional water vessels (Canoes, Dugouts, Kayaks, Umiks, etc.) of various designs and materials. Our goals for the festival are to illuminate the legacy of our First Nations peoples travelling the way we did traditionally on the waterways; the harmonious management and conservation of resources, and the continual acts of protocol and trade amongst First Nations right across Turtle Island and across the Oceans.